Signs of summer: Salmonflies are on!

It's big bug time on the Deschutes, the most wonderful time of the year.

Signs of summer: Salmonflies are on!
CFS Fellow Ariana captured this one near Maupin the other day. A delicious duo of Pteronarcys californica, a salmonfly, with a golden stonefly (Hesperoperla pacifica) hitching a ride.

Salmonflies and golden stones are making their annual emergence on the Deschutes, driving fish wild and anglers even wilder. It's the time of the year when the big redsides lose all modesty and stealth and feed with abandon.

So get out there, early as you can, and tread carefully along the bank casting a big foamy imitation upstream. If you can plop it underneath a bunch of grass, or an overhanging branch, imitating the actual ill-fated course of one of these jumbo critters, all the better. Big trout wait just inches off the bank for these morsels to make one false move.

And let me know how it goes! Pictures are always welcome. We'll share the best ones here.


The weekend of May 31 is TroutFest in Maupin, and there are a whole load of fun events stacked up over the weekend. I'll be out there—get in touch if you're planning on attending.


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