Welcome to Current Flow State!

Welcome to the least-exclusive fly fishing club on the planet.

Welcome to Current Flow State!
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Hi! It's Nick. Thanks for subscribing.

Each Monday I share something aimed at helping you improve your approach to fly fishing, from technique to mentality.

My goal is to help folks overcome hurdles they have in developing their own fly fishing practice and to begin to apply that mindset of curiosity and flow to the rest of their lives.

Stuff's still very much under construction, as I parse class notes and lots of rambling, addled, discordant thoughts, and I'm so grateful you're on the journey with me.

To that end:

1️⃣ I'm so glad you're here. Tell me about yourself?

Like I said, it's early days here. In the olden days of internet, we'd had an animated Under Construction gif.

I'm interested in learning about you, and your goals, and how the site can better serve them.

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This is not some weird automated email trick. It's me pasting your address all fumble-fingers-y and saying hi, for real.

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Let me know if you're interested in us covering anything specific here on the site.

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